• Swarfega Jizer 5 L

Swarfega Jizer - 5 Litre
Sometimes no matter how well you clean your vehicle, you may still end up with sticky deposits that get left behind. These deposits could be grease, oil or even tar that gets picked up out on the road. So how do you find a cleaner that is effective at cleaning away all of these nasty sticky marks? Well that’s where Swarfega comes in with their high concentrate degreaser – Jizer.
Swarfega’s Jizer is a parts degreaser which has an effective dissolving action which is perfect for removing heavy deposits such as mineral oil, grease, tar, bitumen, and waxes from a wide range of metals, plastics and painted surfaces. It can be used to quickly and easily clean engines, motors, paintwork, component parts, machinery and tools. As it is made to a concentrated strength only a small amount is needed to provide effective results. With a high flash point of 61°C it is safer to use than most other degreasers making it suitable for use in industrial situations and with its added rust inhibitor it helps reduce corrosion during the degreasing process. It is a perfect solution for many automotive and industrial applications but is also suitable for removing oil and grease marks from many floor surfaces and is compatible with all metals and metal components and will not stain or damage most plastics, synthetic rubber or paints making it an effective multipurpose degreaser.
Swarfega is the brand name for a range of skin care products, degreasing and vehicle maintenance products and general surface cleaners aimed at both professional and domestic markets. Swarfega, is renowned the world over for its unique cleaning properties and over the years has become the 'go to brand' for heavy-duty hand cleaning. With a long history which dates back to 1947, Swarfega has continually inNovated and improved upon the product they offer to the market.

Box Contains

  • 1x 5ltr Tin of Swarfega Jizer

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Swarfega Jizer 5 L

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